As I sat in my Big Horn Ranching Headquarters long before daylight the trailer began to sway with the oncoming storm. The lightning was dancing across the sky in the dark presenting a very colorful array outlining the silhouettes of mesquite and cactus along with the distant mesa. The thunder roared seeming very close as I counted the seconds between the strikes of lightning and the sound to estimate just how close it was. The rain was pounding on the roof and although the entire structure danced in the storm I was grateful to be inside on such a brutal morning.

After the storm has gone and the stock tanks have been filled I am certain the horses behind us in the pasture will venture out to start munching on the luscious grass that will provide their nourishment for the day. Livestock everywhere will be moving to and fro seeking to fill their bellies and find a new place to bed down this afternoon.

It makes me wonder . . . Do you suppose the Good Lord above sends the storms of life to help cleanse us when we most need the attention? Could it be that He is desperately attempting to get our attention as a people who have chosen to step away from His favor. That’s right . . . We need to remind ourselves that we as a people are stepping away due to our choices. He is still constant . . . He is still waiting . . . He is still seeking to have a personal and intimate relationship with you and I.

The storms remind me of His power . . . His provision . . . And His providence. Now more than ever we need to be a praying people seeking forgiveness and reconciliation with a Risen Savior that we have chosen to ignore. Let others know about His saving grace.

Thank you Lord for the rain!

You alone are the LORD you have made the heavens, The heaven of heavens with all their host, The earth and all that is on it, The seas and all that is in them. You have given life to all of them and the heavenly host bows down before you.”¬† ¬†Nehemiah 9:6