I can confidently say that I miss the day when I only knew what I was thinking. Before you join me in that thought please finish reading. If I wanted to know what others were thinking I had to ask and most often that was a verbal conversation. Have you ever asked and then wish you had not?

The other day I noticed one calf staring at me with keen interest. Probably wanted to know if I was bringing feed or cubes to supplement her diet. Or truthfully just like some others in my life probably wondered when I was going to go away. To no avail . . . I stayed and stared a little while because just like this little lady I was curious. I wondered if maybe she was distraught with the condition of our country and its people or if she was expecting a big handout like some folks are used to getting. Really like so many of us I believe she was just concerned because I was invading her territory.

Either way . . . Our paths crossed for a reason and actually for the moment I think we both enjoyed staring at each other. As you can see I am easily amused and prompted by so many things. It got me to wondering how many folks we come into contact with each day either on social media or in person and do not stop to wonder how their life is going. A very wise lady in my home once told me that to remember that everyone may be going through something so when I interact remember to exemplify the Love of Jesus Christ in my actions.

I just thought it was a good word for each of us. So today and in the future remember it is okay for others to have opinions that differ from ours and we can still love them and be concerned for their well being.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13 NIV