About Dallas County Cowboy Church

The Dallas County Cowboy Church is a low barrier, seeker sensitive church. Everything we do (or don’t do) is guided by one simple question: will doing this make it easier for those not familiar with Jesus Christ to come to church and hear the gospel? If the answer is no, then we will put it aside unless doing so would violate the clear teaching of scripture. To put it another way, Cowboy Church is not designed to make church folks comfortable. It is designed to be a safe welcoming environment for those unaccustomed to attending church. Because this is so, you will find a number of things that are different about our church:

We let people come and go anonymously.

Many people today value their space and time above all else. They don’t want unannounced visits or telephone calls during dinner. At Cowboy Church, we give them all the space they want. We do not ask them to fill out a visitor’s card nor do we do follow up with them until they give us permission to do so.

We seldom do altar calls.

While going to the front of the church for prayer is an age old tradition, it is one that makes many people uncomfortable-especially if they are required to stand up before several hundred people in order to accept Christ or receive prayer. We always make prayer available, but we do not require people to come to the front to receive it. Baptism is one’s public profession of faith in Christ.